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Height to: 10 m
Diameter to:
0.2 m
Weight: Seasoned (12% m.c.) approx. 700 kg/cu.m.
Grey brown
Wood Colour: Pale to light brown
Greenish yellow. December to February
Texture: Very fine grain, even texture, hard, very tough
Adult Leaves: Glossy green. Elliptical. 4-6 cm long

Horizontal Scrub is a slow growing tree endemic to the west of Tasmania. It is a pale, exceedingly strong and durable timber with the peculiarity that the bark will stay attached even in situations of heavy wear.

It has a curious habit of growth and has virtually impenetrable thickets are formed. The flexible stems become top heavy with foliage and bend down to an almost horizontal position; lateral shoots grow and are in turn bent down and so the process is repeated until a lattice-work of tough, slippery branches covers acres of rainforest.

The only way for a bush-walker to negotiate such entanglements is to scramble along over the top, often at a height of 6 to 10 metres above the ground. The walker, especially in winter if the thicket is snow-covered, is then in danger of slipping through rotted sections, and so the story goes, of being trapped without leaving a trace.

Anodopetalum biglandulosum